3rd April


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Photo of Pindar

Pindar Wong

Hong Kong

Trustee Internet Society

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Andrew Macleod

Australia | United Kingdom

Humanitarian Business
Leader and Academic

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Manu Sporny


Digital Bazaar

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Dave Lorenzini


Keyhole (Google Earth)

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Narelle Clark



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Allyn Radford


Former Board of Directors of IMS Global

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Turlough Guerin


Industry Leader: Environmental Management

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David Francis



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Nigel Phair


Centre for Internet Safety

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Pia Waugh


Founder GovHack


To have your voice heard and help to change the way the web works, WWW virtual post-it notes provide one of the many opportunities to contribute.

The Virtual Post-it note Ideas boards located at the Festival of the Web provides the means for inspired participants to contribute. Trust Factory will collect and collate contributions and add them to post-event materials about what was created at Trust Factory 2017, Perth, Australia.

More Information

“The Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Year 2016 is post-truth – an adjective defined as ‘relating to or denoting circumstances in which objective facts are less influential in shaping public opinion than appeals to emotion and personal belief’. Source: Oxford Dictionaries

Introducing The Trust Factory

The Trust Factory is a curated forum, Exploring trust in our rapidly changing world. This ”Factory for Trust”, entitled 'The Trust Factory', Facilitates the presentation of Ideas, experiences and Considerations by community leaders involved in defining Solutions for the betterment of our Society.

On the 27th of July 2016 Apple celebrated the sale of the billionth iPhone, first released on the 29th of June 2009 (9 years ago). Within the foreseeable future the evolution of the web is expected to be far greater than its influence in the past decade. WWW growth exhibit a series of common characteristics.

For the first time in History, more than 1200 local and International leaders of the technological world are coming together in the southern hemisphere. As a Collocated Conference, Presented by Web Civics:The Trust Factory helps to introduce The Festival of the Web where overall more than 200+ sessions will be presented about the technical and sociological considerations and methodologies directed towards the rapid Evolution of our world. The Trust Factory provides a highly Accessible forum centred upon shared Values as a means to consider challenges, define Goals, and evaluate the merits, Opportunities and influential roles of Actors, contributing to the our shared Future.

Emergent web Technology is often a daunting Subject matter for Leadership & Governance executives responsible for socio-economic stimulus and participation. Trust Factory provides delegates means to consider how the linguistics of underlying shared values can provide well-founded Opportunity to forge societal growth in harmony with new systems. Through the use of 'Use Cases', demonstrating the Opportunities to use Values based decision making Practices with confidence, when knowingly making Impactful decisions relating to Society and the conditions in which we live by way of non-technical 'Mandates'. Trust Factory breaks down (technical) barriers providing participants an Experiential opportunity to be better equipped for decision making Practices in the interests of sustainable socioeconomic Growth in our age of rapid technological Change.

Participating in The Trust Factory @ The Festival of the Web, will improve the means of Decision-Makers to evaluate Practices, break down Barriers, and better consider what the Priorities and Opportunities are for your Organisation.


  • Delivered by Experts in Plain English
  • Modern considerations about data policies
  • WWW + AI impacts: applications & insights
  • Values & WWW decision making practices.
  • Learn and define the future of web-identity.
  • Learn what to expect in the near future?

Why should i attend?

The Trust Factory provides a "practice example" demonstration of decentralised organisational thematics, delivering a "Factory" of diverse professionals cooperatively communicating issues pertaining to emerging WWW interactive systems of Trust.

Whilst WWW systems provide electronic means for Rapid decision making, the Decisions about the Characteristics and Features designed into these systems are decisions made by executives. The Values instituted in our web-platform is changing the nature of our society at a time where we are only at the beginning of the Anthropocene. Decisions made by people producing systems of Trust make the difference between a world impacted by Fake News or means to provide vulnerable people Dignity and the means to make Informed Decisions. Trust Factory connects meaningful shared Experiences with discussion about the Intentional Design (or unintentional consequences) for the future of our Societies. Within the next year, Identity solutions will define the way Digitally Verifiable Claims are to be deployed and made available linking database records in relation to human activity. These systems will continue to reinforce the augmentation of Opportunities made available to Humans for live, safety, health, welfare, education, employment; and the means, to support a meaningful basis for Trust in Relationships with others.

Whilst computing systems are designed to provide the means for Rapid decision making Capabilities, the challenge for all of our Community Leaders is how they may voice their Considerations about the ways in which these systems need to be designed and how Human communities are able to improve organisational frameworks to quickly Adapt and control the technological Influence of this changing world through industry improvements for Rapid decision making. As Governance executives are an essential ingredient to any solution whom retain Responsibilities to engineer outcomes in a Timely manner; Effective collaboration, Cooperation and Communication depends upon the means for community Leadership to contribute with technological Resonance.

Captains of Spaceship Earth from Leonardo Dalessandri on Vimeo.

In 2017 International Working Groups will be Forging new systems for supporting “Verifiable Claims” interacting with Artificial Intelligence systems built upon systems of Records that can be changed by those who have 'write' Access to the records, whilst being Considerate that in many cases the 'subject' of those records may not Know of its contents or existence. In the next decade, Quantum computing infrastructure will challenge the world's leading Minds to create fundamentally new types of software (algorithms) for those with the Available equipment required to develop Expertise. Increasingly, employment will Contribute towards the international development of our historical ‘log’ of human activity; incorporating statement, that will be used by 3rd parties to make Decisions, whether or not these Records provide an accurate Depiction of a Circumstance, subject or Trend.

What if a record about you or someone you care about is incorrect, incomplete or does not serve your human rights of choice and you don't even know where it is, or that it exists; How can leaders of community get involved in building the W(eb)orld We Want, in service of our society....


Event Schedule

Speakers will independently present 20 Minute talks. The final session is a panel discussion about dignity and the future of the web.



How it started & Where we're going
with New-Age Tooling


International Economy

International Aid, Web Payments
and Economic Tooling


Government, Education & Environment

Civics Platforms and How We Live.


AR, VR and Naturalised Interfaces

The Creation of Web Side Worlds



A Human Centric Web

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Convention and Exhibition Centre
21 Mounts Bay Rd, Perth WA 6000
Bookings Number: (+61 8) 9389 1488
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